The One Question to Ask When You Feel Stuck.

I’m struggling lately. I have myself convinced that I can’t move until everything else is in place.

I strive for the perfect marriage foundation. Parenting foundation. Spiritual foundation.

And while all these things are good, and we do need to have them, they are never going to be perfect.

I told myself I couldn’t move. I couldn’t possibly have anything to say to encourage any of you, unless it came from a place where all my foundations were totally set up. The concrete was hardened, in place and wouldn’t budge.

I want this blog and my words to be real, raw and honest. If I’m waiting for perfection, then I’m not doing what I set out to do.

We all have things we dream of doing. We all have hopes, desires and plans for “one day.”

One day when the kids are grown.

When I have enough money.

When life has settled.

When I get the “sign” to move forward.


Ladies, can I tell you today…Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Someday may never come.

Start now.

Do it today.

Get intentional.

I woke up this morning, wanting to move, itching to do something, and yet struggling. The thing that bothered me the most, was that as hard as I tried I just didn’t have a good enough excuse not to.

And then I asked myself this, “What is Gods assignment for me today?”

It kept ringing in my head. As I checked Facebook. Looked through pictures on Instagram. Half read my emails.

It rang in my head, as I showered, and even as I took myself on a lunch date.

And then it came to me.

My answer.

“Move. You need to move.”

He wants me to encourage. He wants me to act. It’s what He’s called me to do.

But, God…I’m not perfect yet. What could I do to show you? To be a light for others? To encourage?

And again He whispered…”Move.”

“If you are moving, you are inspiring. You are doing more than you were yesterday. You are encouraging those who feel paralyzed to get up and move.”

So I’m moving. It might not be the most compelling advice. But it’s what He’s given me.

Maybe you need to move too? Whatever you’re struggling to get to. Whatever you’re struggling to start. Just start somewhere.

Maybe you’ve stopped. Maybe you haven’t started yet. Maybe you’ve slacked and can’t find the motivation.

Ask yourself what assignment God has for you today.

If it’s to write, then start with a word.

If it’s to create, then do that thing that always inspires you. Buy a new paintbrush. Take a picture. Turn on the music.

If it’s to make a new friend, leave your house and smile at everyone you meet.

If it’s to spend time in His word, hide yourself in your closet, and spend 10 minutes meditating in it.

Or if it’s to finish the laundry, well heck, just hide that stuff! Or at least fold one load… While listening to your favorite album.

If it’s to get in shape, take a walk after dinner tonight.

Whatever it is you want to do, just start!

If you can’t come up with any good excuses as to why you can’t… then there lies your answer.

You can’t afford not to move.

Isaiah 43:19 says this, “For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”

Make your pathway today.

Get out of the dry wasteland, and start watering.



Your Creativity.

Your Truth.

Your Light.

Move. And allow Him to move you as He sees.

Listen. He will tell you where to start.

And then don’t stop.

And if you need a comrade, I’m right here sister.



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