Persevering in Peace. 2

Everyone who starts a new routine, a new goal, always has the best of intentions. Last week I blogged about a few goals I wanted to put in place.


I had set up some goals for myself:

  • Spend time in Gods word.
  • Morning yoga.
  • Go over the budget. Every. Day.
  • Work on my blog, in some capacity.

I have to say, that first day went AWESOME! I woke up, went straight to my comfy chair. Poured myself a cup of Joe, and settled in with my Bible and devotion. It felt SO good. After that I went downstairs and plopped in my prenatal yoga DVD and THAT felt great too! Came upstairs, wrote the day before purchases in my budget binder, and then turned on my computer and sat down to research how to deliberately make this blog thing work.

Then came the next day. I woke up and did 2 out of 4 of those things.

Then the next. I did zero. In fact I slept in. By two hours.


To be absolutely honest with you all, I was a bit intimidated. By nothing else than this blog! I have been wanting something for myself so much, and am wanting to take this more seriously. So, my hubby bought me my very own domain name, (that’s still kind of fun to say!) and I am slowly trying to figure out how this whole world of blogging works. And the more I read, the more excited nervous I get. Hence, the whole, I’ll just sleep in and ignore this for a bit.

I keep telling my hubby all I want to do is jump on and write, but I feel all this pressure to do all these things to succeed. I want to have FUN with this, not be worried about where it’s going to go, or not go.

So my feeble attempt at my message today is this: JUST DO IT. I may have kind of stolen that from Nike. 😉

I know I can’t be the only one who lets my fears skip, hop, and jump their way into goals that I’m trying to achieve.

Which reminds me of my bible study I’ve been doing. You would think reading about becoming free, and loosening the chains of anxiety and worry, would help me. And it is, slowly but surely!

“To live distressed and worried lives hinders us in every way and keeps us from running well.” Becoming a Woman of Freedom. By Cynthia Heald

Worrying and stressing about getting it all done perfectly, has left me almost paralyzed. But here’s the thing. GOD WANTS ME TO RUN! He knows my passions. He knows my weaknesses, and He knows I can be a bit of a perfectionist. But He wants me to succeed. Not on my terms but His.

Knowing this, I must have the faith that He will supply all the knowledge I need in time. It’s not going to happen overnight. So I just need to keep plugging away. Set my goals. And keep working at them. But most important, I can’t let my worry be bigger than my want, and realistically, my need to run with this. Even if I am just talking to myself for the time being.

What about you? What are some goals you are working on? And how have you been at sticking with them?

Let’s Run Ladies!



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2 thoughts on “Persevering in Peace.

  • Whitnie Admyers

    I have tons of goals. I have so many in fact, that it bogs me down and I don’t ever feel like I accomplish anything :(. My biggest goals are finishing school, losing 100+ lbs, and hopefully (God willing) to have a baby. The list goes on….. But with that being said, I love your honesty and I will continue to read your blog! ~ whit