It’s Time 1

Once upon a time there was a girl who needed to get her life reorganized and back in order.

A girl who needed to rethink her goals and find herself in the midst of living life.

Hi. It’s just me ?

I’ve been struggling a little bit with getting back in the business of full-time-at-home-mommyhood.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to be back home and not miss out on any little thing. Being home is where I thrive. But, there’s also this part of me, and I think part of all of us, who need something for just us.

We need fulfillment in knowing that not only are we giving our best to our families but that we are also living our best lives for ourselves. Before we come to the end and realize we forgot to do anything meaningful for us.

When we don’t take that time, we can soon end up feeling depleted, lifeless and honestly…resentful.

I want to enjoy the moments with my family and friends, not feel as if that’s all I’m pouring into. We NEED to pour into ourselves. To grab our oxygen mask first.

So starting today, I am making some changes. And even though I wish it were the case, I don’t expect these changes to happen overnight.

Because in all reality I am an instant gratification girl.

But I am giving myself two weeks. Two weeks in which I can make goals for myself, and then start making them happen.

I’m really good at pinpointing what I want to do:

  • Minister in some capacity
  • Blog
  • Be creative

I’ve been going back to these things over and over. For years. Thinking how nice it would be to do them.

And then I don’t do a thing. Or maybe I dabble. And then stop. Because I don’t make it a priority.

So I’m buckling down and making a plan. Here’s a sneak peak into what I’m doing today.

Setting a foundation. I am printing out goal sheets. Budget sheets. Blog sheets. You name it, it’s going to be in a binder by day’s end!

I took a hard look at my days and realized I am not getting anything done I want to work towards.

  • Bible time
  • Yoga/Working out
  • Budgeting
  • Blogging

These are just a few things that at the end of everyday, I seem to have somehow not achieved. I spend time watching kids (important since that’s my summer job!) I spend time on (cringe) Facebook and even more time on Pinterest.  Doing laundry, dishes, picking up crumbs, and dog poop. Reminding kids to CLOSE THE DOOR and take their shoes off. Wiping off counters, preparing snacks, breakfast, lunches and dinner. And I spend time being a wife and mommy. I (mostly) really do love and enjoy all the things I spend time on. I just don’t spend my time well. Because then in my “off” seconds, I spend time daydreaming and thinking about all I want to do.

And then I don’t do it.

Girls, that has to change. Not being able to do the things that fulfill me is leaving me a bit grumpy and haggard  feeling.

Anybody with me?

So today I challenge you, as I have challenged myself.

List out your priorities. Then list out what you are doing with your spare time. Where is your time being spent… REALLY?

What are 5 morning goals you could incorporate to start change? How about 5 nightly goals?

Good luck and let me know if you decide to stop and reevaluate and then together, let’s encourage one another and stick with it!!!



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