6 Things to do For Yourself Today if You’re in the Trenches.








Some days girls, there won’t be anyone to lift you up. To tell you you’re beautiful. To wipe away your tears or lend you a shoulder to lean on.

We’ve all been there right? All had those days where we long and desire for someone to just “get us.”

Our husbands think we’re being irrational. Our friends don’t understand. And we feel like we are standing completely and utterly alone. It may not even be a big storm soaking us. It could be the fact that theres a sink full of dishes. Again. Or maybe you’ve gone or are going through depression, and your bad day has turned into a bad week. Bad month. And maybe even a bad year.

No one knows what to say. How to be there. And we tell ourselves that there is absolutely no one on the-face-of-this-stinking-planet-called-Earth, that could help us through.

Guess what?

We’re right. And wrong.

There is no human on earth that can soothe us the way we need to be soothed. Why? Because that is in no way, shape or form what we as humans are capable of. People try. Deep down I think our friends and family really want to be there. But they are living this crazy life too. With their own ups and downs. And sometimes saying the right thing is just so hard to do. Because sometimes the words just won’t come. Or maybe they do, but they come out all wrong.

Ladies, there is someone who can shoulder your pain. Your aggravations. Your questions to when it will all end. It’s HIS job. You know the Him I speak of, right? God. Jesus. Our savior. Our light. Our healer, and comforter. He is our LIFE SOURCE.

Psalm 147:3 says this, “He heals the broken hearted and binds up [OUR] wounds.” (Brackets and italics, mine.)

There was a time, I too, faced depression. I still struggle on some days. There have been days I haven’t opened my Bible because I didn’t believe a dang word in there was written for me. Oh, it applied to others. My husband, my children, friends and family. But to look in the mirror and say out loud that God would keep His promise, for ME. Would heal MY brokenness. And would bind up MY wounds. That would have gotten you a big fat… YEAH. RIGHT.


It’s because I was so entrenched in the lies I had allowed myself to believe and then allowed myself to tell myself every day. I was stuck. And I couldn’t get out. I didn’t see a way out.

But slowly, and I mean it has been slow, God has kept His promise. He is still healing my broken heart. And those wounds? They too, are being bound up.

Ladies, if anyone knows pain and suffering it’s our Jesus. Our God. He knows. HE KNOWS. He wants you to reach out. He wants you to seek Him. He wants to heal you.

Don’t stop at day one. Keep going. It’s going to take time, but you will get there. I can promise this, because I have been there.

When the days are long, and we think we can’t go anymore, we need to get up and try again. Do NOT allow those voices to lie to you anymore. Open HIS word. Write it on your heart. Write it on your mirror and your fridge.

No one can do the work for us. As difficult as it is, we have to do the hard thing. The thing we don’t want to do, or even think we can. We may be the only human encouraging ourselves, but we owe it to ourselves.


Lets change the inner voices we are listening to now, and allow it to transform into HIS voice. Starting tomorrow, follow these 6 steps. Then do them again the next day. And the next. And one day, it will be routine. And you’ll wake up with a smile. Not a heavy sense of dread.

  • Get our of bed. Set the alarm if you have to. To a really annoying noise. My husband is really good at this…
  • Make your bed and leave your room. Shut the door if you have to so you aren’t tempted to escape back under the covers.
  • Take a shower.
  • Put on your favorite perfume. (or try some essential oils)
  • Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and focus on the aroma.

And the most important step:

  • Go sit by the window that gets the most sun, or the best lit room, grab your Bible. And Soak in HIS truth. For as long as you need.

Living with Purpose,



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