I am a 30 something, yep you guessed it… blonde. And my husbands name happens to be Stormy. Which paired together, actually explains myself pretty well. A little bit sassy, (I can make a good storm happen!), a bit passionate, sweet, and innocent…and emotionally sensitive.

I am a God-fearing woman. A wife. A momma. Daughter, Sister, recently upgraded to Auntie and a friend. Executive of the Tuffield Homestead. I love glitter. Notebooks. Music. Running. Reading, and anything I can do to be creative with my hands. I also sell Mary Kay and doTerra essential oils, (I love playing with makeup and the oils have been GREAT for my family!) and take in a few spare kids from time to time to earn money to stay home with my littles. 🙂

In this blog you’re going to get real, raw and honest truth about how I am living my life out loud. I don’t always get living it out loud, right. Sometimes I’m just lousy at it. Thankfully I have a God that gives forgiveness and second chances.

I hope and pray I’ll make you laugh, even if it’s at my expense! And on my really good days? Possibly plant a seed of creativeness. Or allow you to know and connect with someone, who even if we’ve never met, GETS IT.

Blessings & Love,