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  • So I Got This Planner…

    I love fall. I love the end of summer and the beginning of routine. Not that there wasn’t a lot of routine this summer, but when it comes to daily schedules, or any form of organization or routine, those things just seem to sort of take a back seat during the summer months. Letting your […]

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  • It’s Time

    Once upon a time there was a girl who needed to get her life reorganized and back in order. A girl who needed to rethink her goals and find herself in the midst of living life. Hi. It’s just me 😊 I’ve been struggling a little bit with getting back in the business of full-time-at-home-mommyhood. […]

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  • The Truth Struggle

    I don’t know about you, but I can really struggle with who I am. Who I REALLY am. Throughout our lives, many of us are told who we are by various people. Everyone has their own opinions. Some of us who have ZERO self-confidence issues (who has this and where can I buy it??!) are […]

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  • Take Heart

    I was thinking tonight, as they splayed the capture of the 2nd brother of the Boston bombings, across the TV screen at the gym, and then later blared it on the radio, how completely devastated I am by all that has gone on this week.  The Boston Marathon bombings.  The Texas explosion.  And then the […]